Gojjo Realty June 22, 2022

Detached Townhome or Single Family



Yes, one is blue and another one is purple. One has 3 car garages, and another one has ??? One has a flag, another one doesn’t…all great observations!

More importantly one of these homes is a townhome and another one is a single family home. Can you guess which one (click here to find out)? Very important differences! One of these homes is a detached townhome. So, most of the usual things that come with attached townhomes apply.

What are some of those things, you might ask! Here are some things that are often applicable to detached townhomes:

  • Homeowners Association (HOA): detached townhomes, like other townhomes, have common areas and amenities that are maintained and paid for by HOA.
  • Property Use: townhomes don’t always have the flexibility single family homes have when it comes to changing the exterior of the property.
  • Price: detached townhomes maybe priced lower than similar single family homes, which make them attractive to some buyers.
  • Smaller Lawn: this can be an advantage or disadvantage, depending on what you prefer, but townhomes generally have smaller land.
  • Popularity: single-family homes are generally more desirable, which means when it’s time to sell, they are easier to sell, and probably with more equity.

Anyways, wanted to make sure you are aware the differences when you are out looking for your next home.